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About Emil!

Cool Facts!!!

26 years old. Birthday July 5th.

First name is totally after the character in Nier. Last name is two words! Mourning Dove! No middle name. Don't ask for my deadname.

Pronouns are it/its & they/them if you don't know me personally. Gender is personal to me! I am transmasc but also a Two-Spirit. I'm on HRT and have had my surgeries. I am always down to give advice or information regarding gender and transitioning!

I'm from the Shoshone tribe and lived on the Fort Hall reservation until I was six. I am very spiritual and close with my tribe.

I'm a disabled mess. Chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and seizures being the main issues. I have a trained seizure alert dog.

I'm autistic! Very! I was nonverbal until 14. I don't understand sarcasm like at all and jokes go right over my head.

I'm in a polyque with three other wonderful people and have been for quite some time.

I'm gay. Gender is dumb. I'm gay.