Emil. 27. It/Its. Shoshone. Gay.

I am a nonbinary trans male but I reclaimed it pronouns from my abusers. please do not use any other pronouns for me unless you have my permission!

but should most language fail, remember this:
All Shall Be Well.

I write porn for a living and would rather not interact with minors sorry!!

the typical: no terfs, racists, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, what have youThink fictional incest or pedophilia is okayFetishism or shipping of real peopleThink it's okay to have wendigo ocsThink it's okay to use the word r*tard in any context (yes even medical. it's no longer used that way. educate yourself.)Think I owe anyone an explanation of anything

I have autism. Social cues, jokes and sarcasm can go right over my head.

for complete clarity, we were officially diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder) at a young age and have an alter that some may consider ‘dangerous’ although it has never acted out.

there are seven total in our headspace.

HRT est 12/2018
Top Surgery est 2/2019

I love to educate and help people!! as long as you aren't rude, I will love to talk to you about anything.

I especially love to hear about other people's original characters!!

What to expect me to post

Fandom Fixations:
Fallen London
Final Fantasy XIV
Horror Games

Special Interests:
Victorian Period
Sengoku Era
Bats & Birds
Religion and Mythology

@ Mr Veils please kill me

I also really like gore/guro and body horror but always try to tag it!

Discord: Emil#0007

🔞sorta secret nsfw twitter 18+ only oh my god🔞

oh shit this thing comes with lore

i published my first books at 14 and now i disappoint my parents by writing porn for a living.

i post my commissions on ao3.
don’t be weird to me please i’m tired.

the most telling thing about me is my first ever video games were resident evil 2 and half life.

i kin but i treat it very... old-school. it's a spiritual thing for me. i've been in the otherkin community since the 90s. but i love all types of kins !! (you can ask me about my kintypes but don't expect me to list em unless you ask)

i'm pretty spiritual and believe in reincarnation and the multiverse.

i lived on the fort hall reservation until i was five.

im buff and short.


Don't call me an enbyDon't call me anything with the spelling boi (spelling it boy is fine)Don't use any feminine terms for me (including cute or beautiful)Don't call me a twinkDon't use they/them for me