Emil. 26. It/Its. Shoshone. Gay.

I am a nonbinary trans male but I reclaimed it pronouns from my abusers. please do not use any other pronouns for me unless you have my permission!

but should most language fail, remember this:
All Shall Be Well.

I write porn for a living and would rather not interact with minors sorry!!

the typical: no terfs, racists, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, what have youThink fictional incest or pedophilia is okayFetishism or shipping of real peopleThink it's okay to have wendigo ocsThink it's okay to use the word r*tard in any context (yes even medical. it's no longer used that way. educate yourself.)Think I owe anyone an explanation of anything

I have autism. Social cues, jokes and sarcasm can go right over my head.

for complete clarity, we were officially diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder) at a young age and have an alter that some may consider ‘dangerous’ although it has never acted out.

there are seven total in our headspace.

HRT est 12/2018
Top Surgery est 2/2019

I love to educate and help people!! as long as you aren't rude, I will love to talk to you about anything.

I especially love to hear about other people's original characters!!

What to expect me to post

Fandom Fixations:
Fallen London
Final Fantasy XIV
Hollow Knight
Horror Games

Special Interests:
Victorian Period
Sengoku Era
Religion and Mythology

@ Mr Veils please kill me

I also really like gore/guro and body horror but always try to tag it!

Discord: Emil#0007

🔞sorta secret nsfw twitter 18+ only oh my god🔞